Attack the Virus Before IT Attacks You

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☀︎ Neutralize coronavirus with far-UVC light

☀︎ Sanitize your personal airspace and workspace

☀︎ $199 (pre-order with only 10% down)

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The ShortWaveLight™ Purifier

Hold the Line Against Coronavirus

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Your FIRST Line of Defense

Far-UVC light eradicates coronavirus before it reaches you.

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Second line: A face mask blocks the virus but doesn't neutralize it.

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Third line: A vaccine works only after the virus enters your body.

Protect Yourself at Work and at Home

How it Works

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The portable ShortWaveLight™ Purifier generates enough far-UVC disinfecting light to neutralize airborne and surface pathogens in your personal workspace. Micro-fans gently guide the clean air into your personal airspace. 

The RNA-Disruptor

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Shortwave far-UVC light eradicates viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens by disrupting their nuclear RNA and preventing them from reproducing. And because of its short wavelength (200-to-300 nanometers), far-UVC light doesn't penetrate the skin far enough to reach live cells. 

Reserve Yours Today

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Pre-order the ShortWaveLight™ Purifier today. Reserve yours with a 10% deposit—$19.99 toward the $199 price—with final payment upon shipment when production starts in the second quarter of 2021.