The World's First Solid State Far-UVC Light Emitter

At NS Nanotech, we were busy developing nano-LED products for future generations of TVs, phones, and computer displays. And then....

Covid-19 changed our world forever. But we knew right away that our years of work on advanced nitride semiconductors (the "NS" in our company name) could play a role in fighting back against the virus. 

Seth Coe-Sullivan, our CEO and co-founder, is an MIT PhD and serial entrepreneur with children who wanted to get back to school. So Seth and another co-founder, Dr. Zetian Mi, a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michigan with decades of experience developing revolutionary new nanotech-based light-emitting diodes, put the NS Nanotech team to work in search of technology-based solutions.

Then one team member, Dr. David Laleyan, had a "eureka" moment. David had written his PhD thesis on how nitride semiconductors might be used to generate disinfecting ultraviolet light. In fact, he believed that NS Nanotech's patented semiconductor manufacturing technologies were ideally suited to the task of generating short-wavelength "far-UVC" disinfecting light.

NS Nanotech Lab

The result was fast-track development of the world's first solid-state device capable of emitting pathogen-neutralizing "far-UVC" light. Our ShortWaveLight™ semiconductor will be small enough and powerful enough to use in a portable product for consumers.

Why is that important? Shortwave far-UVC light (200-to-240 nanometers) effectively deactivates airborne and surface pathogens. And our ShortWaveLight™ emitter has all the benefits of solid-state technology, especially a compact size perfect for use in a portable, personal purifier. 

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